Amazon introduces OneLink Affiliate Program

Amazon introduces OneLink Affiliate Program

Everyone who has a worldwide audience is facing the same issues with every affiliate program. The affiliate program either just works in a certain country or you have to create an account for every country you want to monetize your links in. For those cases you had to use services like where the user got redirected to their local vendor and hopefully the klick counted towards your account.

Amazon took a step in the right direction this week. They launched a program called OneLink. With this solution you are at least able to cover users who are from the US, Canada or the UK with one link. But there is a catch. This only works if you are able do add a Javascript to your site. After you linked your accounts with the Main Account, Amazon will present you with a little code you have to deploy on your site. The best place for this little code is somewhere in your footer so it’ll be displayed throughout your whole site. So as long you are on your website you are fine. But for example if you are a YouTuber and place your links in your description, they won’t redirect to the according store. So it still won’t replace the other linking services for now.

But this solution for sure is a step in the right direction but i’m sure a bunch of affiliates would love the option to use the worldwide Amazon Network with just one link without the use of a 3rd Party Service.  And this is another proof that every Youtuber still should have their own Website or at least a Blog where they are in control of the environment.

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