Best Viewpoints on Koh Lipe

Best Viewpoints on Koh Lipe

Today I show you the best Viewpoints on Koh Lipe. There are a lot of awesome vantage points on Koh Lipe but those are the best in my humble Opinion. This is our last day on Koh Lipe so we had to enjoy every single moment and ray of sunshine. Since i had no time to waste i checked out every single impressive point i noticed while we stayed at the Idyllic Concept Resort.

Fortunately for you guys i filmed all of it. So if you watch the last three episodes i posted you get a very good impression about Koh Lipe. Should you plan your next trip to Thailand you should definitely check out the last Videos and put Koh Lipe on your Bucket list.

The Sun in January is so tough on the Skin that I had to put on a shirt for my snorkel trip. Unfortunately, the sight underwater wasn’t as good as in the last episode but still worth your while. There are some really annoying fish in the Reef in front of the Idyllic Concept Resort. They started to attack me over and over.

Join me on my adventure to the little island in front of our beach. Yesterday I noticed climbing holes on one of the rocks so I decided to swim over there and give you one of the most impressive views of Koh Lipe.

I’m almost a bit sad to leave Koh Lipe tomorrow but new adventures await you next time.

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