Bragi releases new Bragi OS 3 and The Dash Pro

Bragi releases new Bragi OS 3 and The Dash Pro

Bragi released their new Firmware today Bragi OS 3.0. I give you a review about my Highlights in the new OS and how the perform on The Dash Legacy.

The new Firmware not only runs on the new The Dash Pro. It also runs on the The Dash Legacy from 2016. Since I really love my Headphones I couldn’t wait to take them for a spin.

You can grab your own Bragi The Dash here

With the new 4D Menu your now finally able to experience a true hands-free Solution. First you need to active it in your Settings and then you are instantly good to go. To access the 4D Menu, first nod your head down till you hear a dull sound and then up. You should receive an acknowledgment sound. When you now start to tilt your head, the Dash gives you different Options. It does so by reading out loud the Command you are looking at in the Moment. You have the following Options from left to right. Running, Assistant (Siri), Play and Skip.

Unfortunately, Bragi forgot to supply us with a rewind option. For me the 4D Menu is incredible useful. I had so many occasions in the Gym where I tried to skip to the next song and ended up adjusting the volume cause my hands were to sweaty and I didn’t manage to achieve the double tap on the right Dash.

Working out with the Active Noise Canceling in my humble opinion gives you a more intensive Workout cause you emerge yourself deeper. But sometimes People come up to you and start to talk. So, in the past you had to pause your Playback and you had to turn of the Noise Canceling. Normally I ended up removing the Dash as quick as I could to talk to people. But maybe this will change with a new Feature Bragi implemented with the Bragi OS 3.0. When you Pause your Music it automatically changes in to Transparency Mode. So you are finally able to talk to people with one touch on the right Dash.

Since we are already talking about the Transparency Mode. The Improved most of their Sound Features a lot. In the previous Version, the Transparency felt like a regular Stereo Sound. In the Bragi OS 3 it feels like Surround Sound. So, you are actually able to pinpoint the location of a sound source. Really helpful if you ask me.

The Dash Workout Statistics
Workout Statistics

There also made changes on the Sound of The Dash itself. The maximum Volume has increased by 2dB and the Sound Profile is more balanced now. I personally liked the old profile better. For me it seems they removed some the Bass and I kinda miss the umpf while I’m running.

Also a new Feature is the Automatic Activity Tracking. When you start to run, it takes something between 30 or 50 meters for the Dash to recognise that you are in a run. So it automatically starts an activity and with this it tells you after every km you Step Count and your average Heart rate. Since this Feature is made possible with IBMs Watson, I think they’ll need to tweak it a bit more. Because if you run out of breath and you need to walk it off a bit and you are still walking fast it’s not fast enough for the Tracking. So it automatically pauses your Activity and you lose parts of your Workout. And if you are a slow walker or you pause for a few minutes. It’ll end your Workout and break it up into different Sessions.

Overall the new Bragi OS 3 make an astonishing impression. They by far have the most advanced Smart Headphones available on the Market right now. The Pace on which they are improving their Products is amazing. And they not just release new Products with new Features, they also make those available for the previous Hardware. You don’t see that much right now in the Tech Industry.

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