Hello Pimalai Resort & Spa

Hello Pimalai Resort & Spa

Today we have to say goodbye to the Idyllic Concept Resort on Koh Lipe and we take the Speedboat to get to Koh Lanta and visit the Pimalai Resort and Spa. To get to Koh Lipe was hard but leaving again isn’t easier. With the Speedboat, you need about four hours just to reach the port of Koh Lanta. Since we booked our hotel on the far side of Koh Lanta it took us another hour to get to the Hotel. Fortunately the Pimalai Resort was kind enough to organise a shuttle to pick us up and bring us to the hotel.

We got lucky with the Pimalai Resort and Spa. They starte to renovate their rooms and we got one of the first two renovated rooms. The new beautiful room was one thing. Our view from the balcony was a whole other thing. Simply put it was astonishing. The Pimalai was our favorite Hotel of the whole Thailand Trip.

In this Episode i take you through our incredible room and give you a peek what you get when you decide to come this long way to the Pimalai.

Their service is top notch. The Pimalai achieves this by supporting the locals. They not only hire just people from Koh Lanta, they also educate their personal. The most of them speak better english then the rest of the Thai people we met. Also they seem to pay their personal really well cause most of them had braces. So looks like they really take care of their people.

The Service isn’t the only good thing we encountered in the Pimalai Resort. The Food was incredible. The Italian Chef of the Pimalai has a great imprint on the available dishes. So if you ever get a craving for something else then Thai Food you are well served there.

In the next episode i’ll focus on the Beach and take you on a tour on the Hotel Surroundings. so don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to stay up to date on how we proceed on our adventure.

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