How to adjust DJI Quickshot Modes

How to adjust DJI Quickshot Modes

It was brought to my attention, that i made a mistake in my last Video. I explained to you the new Quickshot Modes, that were released for the DJI Mavic Pro with the 01.04 Firmware Update. Those Quickshot Modes were already known from the DJI Spark. I stated that with the Mavic you only can adjust the travel speed and not the altitude or moving direction.

You actually can adjust those settings, but it’s not really self explaining. In order to adjust the Distance or the Direction of the Rotation you choose your Quickshot Mode. Let’s take the Helix as example. When you select the Mode you’ll be prompted with a preview of it. After you tap ok you can select the Helix Mode again. If you do so you get another horizontal slider where you can adjust the flight distance and you even get a switch where you can adjust its rotation. I’d wish DJI would have made it more clear that you can adjust these settings.

I’m pretty sure a lot of people don’t know about the possibility to adjust these settings. Depending where you want to use them i guess they’ll come in handy. Here is an overview what you can adjust in the different Modes:

If you haven’t already checked out my whole review about all the new features that came with the latest Update of the DJI Mavic Pro, here is the link to the original article i posted a few days ago. Quickshot Mode and Dynamic Home Point after DJI Mavic Pro Update

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