How to take a 360° Drone Picture – Hangar 360 Tutorial

How to take a 360° Drone Picture – Hangar 360 Tutorial

In today’s Tutorial i show you how to take a 360 Photo with a DJI Drone for Facebook or for sharing through a link. I use an App called Hangar 360. This App in my Opinion is the easiest way to create a 360 Picture with a DJI Drone. For this showcase a use a DJI Mavic Pro.

Hangar gives away their App for free and the Performance of the App is astonishing. The only thing they want in return, is to add their Logo to your work. So since the Drone isn’t able to take a shot up top they use the space for their Logo.

Your Drone will automatically take 23 Pictures. Hangar recommends an altitude of 100m but you can also take your 360 Photos on other heights. In my showcase i even used 3m to make it easier. You don’t even need to stitch the Pictures together yourself. Hangar takes care of that. After you are done taking pictures you just need to upload them to the Hangar Cloud and you are good to go. The technology even gets along with a lot of brightness and there are no visible stitching lines.

You can share your work right through the App with a link that you can open in any Browser or you can post it directly on Facebook. Dealers choice.

Here are some examples of my first attempts (klick on the Pictures)

If you want me to make a detailed How to on how you can edit your own 360 shots and also add in a Sky, hit me up in the comments and I promise I make another video about that. Did you like it?

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