iOS 11 Beta new Features explained

iOS 11 Beta new Features explained

Yesterday App held their annual WWDC. They announced the lineup of the new Operating Systems. iOS, Watch OS, Mac OS and TV OS. All those received a bunch of new features and capabilities. Today we are going to focus on the new features on the iPhone. In this Video i show you 23 new features i found in the new Apple iOS 11.

Apple reworked the Control Centre. Some things are better in my humble opinion others are not. For example i love the ability to customise the elements in the Control Centre. On the other Hand why can’t i arrange the Functions in the Connectivity Section? And why is the Mobile Data Switch on the top of the View? Why isn’t there an option to activate my preferred VPN Connection?

I’m also not sure what to think about the new HomeKit Quick Access. In order to quickly control your equipment you need to use the ForceTouch Command to get a glance at your Favorites. I preferred the old separate HomeKit Section they introduced in iOS 10.

What i really love as a Creator is the Option to finally take Screen caps with the new Screen Recorder in iOS 11. Also the new Screenshot editor is what everybody was waiting for. I can’t even tell how much i love these two new features.

Also let me show some Features that are not included in this Video. With the new OS Apple improved the Keyboard on the iPhone. If you have small hands you now can now align the Keyboard on the left or the right. Making it easier to type while still holding the phone tight.

Did You find any other new Features in iOS 11? Would you like to know more about one of the new Features? Hit me up in the Comments!Also the Integration between BMW and Apple has increased. With iOS 11 Features that only ware available with Blackberries or Samsung Smartphones are now finally available also with iPhones. If you like to know more check out my dedicated Article on that topic.

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