Koh Lipe Beach and Snorkelling Review

Koh Lipe Beach and Snorkelling Review

Today i take you on a Grand Tour over Koh Lipe. First we start out at the Beach of our lovely Hotel, the Idyllic Concept Resort. Then i go snorkelling and show you the amazing wildlife in the Reef thats right in front of the Hotel. Afterwards you get a tour through one of the biggest Hotel Rooms of the Idyllic and i show you the difference between our Beach and the one you land on when you arrive on Koh Lipe.

So let’s start on our home turf. The Beach in front of the Idyllic Concept Resort is a really tidy and clean one. You don’t see Beaches like this very often. One Downside is that the sand is a bit coarse. But i guess it’s good tradeoff.

When i first took you guys on my snorkelling tour you couldn’t see much cause the bad weather really stirred up a lot of debris. Today its the complete opposite! The view is amazing and the fish i found. For me this was the first time i ever could go snorkel in an area like this. it completely blew me out of the water so to say. The only weird thing was that i got attacked by a fish. I’m not even sure why. Maybe it had to do something with the strap of my GoPro. Next time i take it underwater i’ll definitely use a black one.

After nearly two hours of scouting the Reef i took a break and decided to show you around in our amazing Room. I think we managed to score one the biggest rooms available at the Idyllic. I really enjoyed the design look there. Unfortunately as pretty much everywhere in Thailand the People really don’t care much about the environment and even right beside the balcony we had leftovers from when they were building the place. So they could score better if the would get rid of all the debris and waste that is scattered around the area. Fortunately they take great care about the rest of the compound.

But now lets head out the the Main Beach. This is where you land when you arrive by a speedboat. So normally there are a lot of Longtail Boats and Speedboats out there. so i guess its not the beast place to go snorkelling. The Sand there is really smooth but beach aint the clean to be honest. This part of Ko Lipe is pretty much the Party Side of the island so you can imagine what happens at night at a dark beach. I really preferred our beach about this one.

I hope this gives you a better insight what is going on around 2017 on Koh Lipe. Most the Travel Guides are a bit out of date on this one. A lot of them state the whole island is covered in Wast. i can’t confirm this. On the contrary. This was actually one of the cleaner islands we’ve been on. So definitely worth the long time to get there.

If you have any questions about Koh Lipe or the Idyllic Concept Resort, hit me up in the Comments.

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