PolarPro 50/50 best GoPro Hero 5&6 Dome?

PolarPro 50/50 best GoPro Hero 5&6 Dome?

Polar Pro 50/50 Box Content

Today i received another goody from my friends at Polar Pro. The PolarPro 50/50 is an accessory for the GoPro Hero 5. This Dome is one of Polar Pro’s newest products. It is an absolute lightweight and as always PolarPro only used high quality materials for this product. They also supply you with a neoprene sleeve to prevent you from scratching the dome while it’s in your bag. The Dome itself is mounted within seconds and then you are good to go. You either can use the grip PolarPro is delivering with the 50/50 or you use GoPro’s Selfie Stick.

This far the 50/50 is the easiest to use Dome for the GoPro Hero 5 i’ve seen. I can’t wait to take my first shots with it. I’ll do a proper unboxing and review video about this guy, but i’ll need to wait for better weather conditions. We are freezing right now. So the minute the weather improves I go out and will supply you with some baffling shots. So stay tuned!

By the way here is my extended Review of the PolarPro 50/50. If you like it, and you would like to support me in my future Reviews, feel free to check it out here: PolarPro FiftyFifty

PolarPro FiftyFifty Extended Review

If you’d like to see it in action, here is another one where I used the PolarPro FiftyFifty while we were sailing in the mediterranean. In my Opinion one of the biggest advantages of the FiftyFifty is it’s weight and the possibility to use it with any other handle. You dont have to use it’s stock handle. You also can use for example GoPro’s Selfie Handle.

PolarPro FiftyFifty in Motion

Since you really can create some incredible footage with the FiftyFifty, it’ll be part of my Video Gear whenever I’m travelling near water. I highly recommend you to own any kind of Dome if you already call a GoPro your own.

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