Thailand Luxury Hotel – Pimalai Resort & Spa

Thailand Luxury Hotel – Pimalai Resort & Spa

Pimalai Resort and Spa view from the Mountain Pool

Today i take you around the premises of the Pimalai Resort & Spa Hotel. This Hotel is definitely one of the most beautiful hotels i’ve have ever been in. They not only have outstanding service, delicious food from different countries, they also built their Hotel on one of the most beautiful spots on Koh Lanta.

Sure it takes you forever to get from the Port to the Hotel, but it’s worth it and if you give the Pimalai a heads up, they’ll organize a shuttle for you. And i would encourage you to do that cause you need almost an hour to get there. And they don’t charge you extra for it. This way you at least really can enjoy the drive there. Especially when you drive by the shore.

But now let’s talk about the hotel. Since the Chef of the Pimalai is an italian you’ll quickly notice that on the food. We rarely encountered such good food in the our Hotels and mostly we stayed in 5 Star Hotels while we traveled. Also i really enjoyed the amount of restaurants we could choose from. All had a different focus on different cuisines. Easily put the further you get away from the beach the fancier it gets.

Basically the whole resort is split into two areas by the Main-road. The lower part with direct access to the beach is the more affordable part. This is where we stayed. And then there is upper hillside area. This is where all the Villas are located. Also you have the Gym and the Seven Seas Restaurant there. At this Restaurant we had the best dinner of our whole endeavor.

So if you are a foodie you’ll for sure enjoy the Pimalai with everything it has to offer.

The only Downside to the Hotel was the Gym. I’m hoping since they started to renovate to whole place, that they’ll also have closer look at the Gym. They have some serious upgrading to do.

But don’t let me talk too much. Check out the beautiful footage and start planing your next vacation to Thailand.

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