Hugin 360 Panorama Tutorial – The Ultimate Guide

Hugin 360 Panorama Tutorial – The Ultimate Guide

In this Tutorial i’ll show you the fastest and easiest way to create your own 360 Panoramas with the Help of Hugin, Adobe Photoshop and the Domemaster Photoshop Action pack. This Solution works on Mac OS and Windows. There is no better Tutorial then this right now. All the Tools we are about to use are Free. Except Photoshop of course. Hugin will do most of the magic needed in this Tutorial.

This Tutorial is not only applicable to Drone Footage it also works on Panoramas that you took with your DSLR or your Mobile Phone. The Workflow is identical to all Versions.

Panoramic shots always have the same Problem. You either are missing the Sky cause it was taken by a drone, or you have a tripod on the floor from your DSLR. But if you know how to you can fix both of them. These angles are also referred to as Zenith (90° Shot of the Sky) and Nadir (90° shot of the Floor).

In Order to be able to create a 360 Photo you’ll need a bunch of overlapping Pictures and a tool that is able to create Equirectangular stitched Panoramas. I guess you already know how to get all the necessary Pictures so i won’t cover that in this Episode. For one example you can Check my other linked Article about the Hangar 360 App.

There are a bunch of Stitching tools on the Market but most of them come with a Price Tag and after i did a few trails i wasn’t happy with the output either. So i checked out what Hugin had to offer. Hugin is free Application that is available for Mac OS and for Windows. You can grab it here.

Hugin is also able to create Stitching of non 360 Panoramas and Image Stacking. So a really cool deal for a free for all Tool. If you feed Hugin with enough source Material it is able to create a Equirectangular Image. The Problem with these images is that you can’t edit them out of the box because they are distorted.

But i got a solution for that too. Head over to Andrew Hazeldens GitHUB and grab his Domemaster Photoshop Actions Pack. This little Pack will save your Day! There seriously is no easier way to edit 360 Panoramic Footage in Photoshop then this. So a big THANKS to him for this great job!

And since we are doing all this editing for Facebook, they Provide us with a dedicated page to their whole 360 Project. They also did set up a whole Dropbox Directory where they provide us with a bunch of Templates and Instructions how to create 360 Content. So go ahead and grab them all here.

Here is a little Preview how your finished creation can look. I’d love to see your work too so post them in the comments.

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