Youtube Counter – LaMetric Time Review

Youtube Counter – LaMetric Time Review

The LaMetric Time is a Smart Clock that can be used not only as a YouTube Counter but also as a Social Media Subscriber Tracker. This Gadget is one of the coolest things I’ve ever encountered. It is amazing how much can be achieved with just a clock.

Keep track of all your Social Media

Initially i got the LaMetric just as a YouTube Counter. But it is amazing how much you can do with this little gadget. For example I’m tracking my Follower Count on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Every time some hits the subscribe button, i receive a visual and audio notification. Especially when you are new to the YouTube world and you are just about to build your Community or Brand every Follower can be extremely motivating.

Smart Home at a glance

The smarter your home is the more possibilities you get with the LaMetric. For example i also have a Netatmo Weather Station So now i can display the actual outside temperature and i even can take a look at a graph how the temperature progressed throughout the last hours.

I’m also able to control my Philips Hue Lights with it if I want to, but i already got that one covered with my other Smart Home Gear.

Motivate your office with every follower

In my opinion this gadget overall can be a really nice addition to any work environment. Image a workgroup that is able to track their progress through a clock. And the possibility to display different kind of information on this Retro Pixel look is just amazing. Since Lametric is extending the functionality of the Lametric Time, the possibilities are almost endless and if you are missing a certain feature, you can develop it by yourself.

Sure it ain’t cheap but if you can afford it you won’t regret you invest. I wasn’t expecting that much to be honest.

LaMetric Time WiFi Clock

Netatmo Wheater Station

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