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How to update your iPhone under macOS Catalina

Have you just updated to macOS Catalina and are now wondering how to update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 13? You are probably are looking in the wrong place. Apple just announced the new macOS called Catalina and with it a bunch of new features and changes. With that we also learned that the…
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Fastest SSD on the Market – Samsung X5 Review

Are you somebody who’s relying on fast editing gear especially when you are on a job? Well then the Samsung X5 portable SSD will be your new best friend. This Thunderbolt 3 drive is offering the fastest Read and Write speeds I’ve ever seen on a storage device let alone on an external SSD. Aren’t…
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Eve Thermo installed on a Radiator with active display

Heat your home the smart way – Eve Thermo Review

Controlling your heating manually is neither cost effective nor energy efficient. This can be rectified with the help of a smart thermostat like the Eve Thermo. This Review shows you, how easy it is to replace your old TRV with a Eve Thermo and what the benefits of a smart thermostat are. Do you need…
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Take Long Exposure Photos with your Phone Featured Image

Take Long Exposure Photos with your Phone

Taking Long Exposure Photos with your Phone was unthinkable a few years ago. Normally you need a DSLR, strong ND Filters and a sturdy tripod. You now can ditch all of the above with the help of your Smartphone. In this tutorial I’m utilising the Long Exposure feature in Adobe Lightroom’s mobile App. Taking Long…
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floating iPhone XS with Sandmarc Wide Angle Lens

Turn your Phone into a DSLR – How to use a Wide Angle Lens on an iPhone

You love taking pictures with your phone, but the built in lenses don’t give you the creative flexibility you are craving? This tutorial is showing you how you can achieve the versatility of a DSLR with the help of interchangeable phone lenses. I’m showing you how to use the Sandmarc Wide Angle Lens on an…
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AVM Fritzbox Mesh VS Ubiquiti Amplifi HD Mesh

Best WI-FI Mesh System – Amplifi HD vs. AVM Fritzbox

Finding the best possible WI-FI Mesh System for your home can be tricky. Today I’m helping you by comparing the Amplifi HD Mesh Kit with the AVM Fritzbox Mesh Kit. This Review is showcasing how the different WI-FI Mesh Systems performer under Real Life Conditions and what you need to watch out for. The Ubiquiti…
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Astro HQ's Luna Display

Use your iPad as second Monitor – Luna Display Review

The Luna Display ist the first and only gadget that lets you turn your iPad into a fully functional low latency monitor with touch support for Mac OS. With it’s help road warriors finally can work on complex projects, that consume a huge amount of screen real estate with ease. As of late you are…
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Polar Pro Quartzline Review – Start using ND Filters on your DSLR

ND Filters should be a crucial part of every Camera Bag. If you are shooting Video on a DSLR you’ll need ND Filters in order to achieve the 180 degree Rule. Only then will your Video footage look smooth as butter. Today we talk about why ND Filters belong into every Camera Bag and why…
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Using your Lightroom Classic Presets as Lightroom CC Presets

Were you ever out in the field, took a quick snap and wished you’d have all your favorite Lightroom Classic Presets available in Lightroom CC? In this tutorial I’m showing you how you can have them at your disposal. Adobe allows you to import your Presets now easier than ever into Lightroom CC. They even…
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Lacie 6 Big Review Cover Image

Fastest Thunderbolt 3 Storage? LaCie 6 Big Review

The LaCie 6 Big an amazing piece of technology not only from a design standpoint, also from a technological one. All this awesomeness comes at a price. The LaCie 6 Big will rip a huge whole in your wallet. This Review will help you to decide whether LaCie’s stylish little cube is the right fit…
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