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floating iPhone XS with Sandmarc Wide Angle Lens

Turn your Phone into a DSLR – How to use a Wide Angle Lens on an iPhone

You love taking pictures with your phone, but the built in lenses don’t give you the creative flexibility you are craving? This tutorial is showing you how you can achieve the versatility of a DSLR with the help of interchangeable phone lenses. I’m showing you how to use the Sandmarc Wide Angle Lens on an…
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AVM Fritzbox Mesh VS Ubiquiti Amplifi HD Mesh

Best WI-FI Mesh System – Amplifi HD vs. AVM Fritzbox

Finding the best possible WI-FI Mesh System for your home can be tricky. Today I’m helping you by comparing the Amplifi HD Mesh Kit with the AVM Fritzbox Mesh Kit. This Review is showcasing how the different WI-FI Mesh Systems performer under Real Life Conditions and what you need to watch out for. The Ubiquiti…
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Astro HQ's Luna Display

Use your iPad as second Monitor – Luna Display Review

The Luna Display ist the first and only gadget that lets you turn your iPad into a fully functional low latency monitor with touch support for Mac OS. With it’s help road warriors finally can work on complex projects, that consume a huge amount of screen real estate with ease. As of late you are…
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Apple Watch Series 3 LTE vs Series 0 -Longterm Review

Are you still undecided about the new Apple Watch Series 3? This Review gives you a comparison between the First Apple Watch from 2015 and the all new Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE. I’ve been using the Apple Watch right from start when it came out in 2015. For me the Watch was a…
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Sailing & Flying a Drone around Corsica

Were you ever afraid to launch your Drone from a boat? I found a safe way to launch and land my Mavic and i created some beautiful shots while doing so. This Short Film was recorded while we were sailing in the Mediterranean Sea this Summer. In this beautiful scenery i finally had a chance…
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Apple Watch Series 3 is shipping in Europe

Apple started sending out delivery notices for early Apple Watch Series 3 orders on 26.09.2017. This time are shipping directly from China. So it looks like we are just a few days behind the shipping in the US. Expect a thorough review and Unboxing when my Watch is arriving. I’m still using the first Generation…
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Youtube Counter – LaMetric Time Review

The LaMetric Time is a Smart Clock that can be used not only as a YouTube Counter but also as a Social Media Subscriber Tracker. This Gadget is one of the coolest things I’ve ever encountered. It is amazing how much can be achieved with just a clock. Keep track of all your Social Media…
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iOS 11 includes QR Scanner

Apple introduced with the new iOS 11 a built in QR Code Scanner. This features was long overdue so the time for 3rd Party QR Code Scanners is finally over. To scan a QR Code you only need to open your Camera and iOS 11 automatically recognises the Code. You can use it for example…
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iOS 11 Beta new Features explained

Yesterday App held their annual WWDC. They announced the lineup of the new Operating Systems. iOS, Watch OS, Mac OS and TV OS. All those received a bunch of new features and capabilities. Today we are going to focus on the new features on the iPhone. In this Video i show you 23 new features…
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Apple and BMW – better integration with iOS 11

BMW and Apple are not always known for working great with each other. The integration of Apple Devices in BMWs has been frustrating in the past. The one always blamed it on the other one. Apple released their new iOS 11 Beta after the WWDC 2017 yesterday. Apple introduced a bunch of really helpful new…
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