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In my Blog I cover all kinds of topics revolving arround Tech. All the way from Photography, Video Gear, Gadgets, Tech Tutorials, Social Media Marketing etc.

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Learning is a crucial part of creating. To help you to become better at your work and to make your life easier, I decided to share my knowledge through my Blog and Videos. 

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Here you can find the comprehensive articles to all my videos. These should answer all of your questions.
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Eve Thermo installed on a Radiator with active display

Heat your home the smart way – Eve Thermo Review

Controlling your heating manually is neither cost effective nor energy efficient. This can be rectified with the help of a smart thermostat like the Eve Thermo. This Review shows you,[…]

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Take Long Exposure Photos with your Phone Featured Image

Take Long Exposure Photos with your Phone

Taking Long Exposure Photos with your Phone was unthinkable a few years ago. Normally you need a DSLR, strong ND Filters and a sturdy tripod. You now can ditch all[…]

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floating iPhone XS with Sandmarc Wide Angle Lens

Turn your Phone into a DSLR – How to use a Wide Angle Lens on an iPhone

You love taking pictures with your phone, but the built in lenses don’t give you the creative flexibility you are craving? This tutorial is showing you how you can achieve[…]

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