Rainy Days on Ko Lipe

Rainy Days on Ko Lipe

We weren’t lucky with the weather on Ko Lipe at the beginning. The first days it was raining so hard that we couldn’t do jack. We checked out some of the Walking Street and got ourselves a massage but that was pretty much it.

The day after that the weather got better. But since it still was raining I decided to go snorkeling anyways and checked out the little island in front of our hotel.

While snorkeling I show you some of the fish and corals around the island. If you are into snorkeling you want to check out the next episode. Spoiler Alert: We had better weather and crystal-clear water.

By the way watch out when you snorkel there cause the water gets very shallow throughout the day. If you have a belly that chances of hurting yourself is pretty high.

The Food at the Idyllic Concept Resort is amazing. They seriously have one of the best chefs. We were looking forward to every single dinner we had there.

If you guys have any questions about how to get to Ko Lipe or about the Idyllic Concept Resort don’t be afraid to ask in the comments below.

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See you guys next time!

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