DJI Spark – DJI reinvented the Dronie

DJI Spark – DJI reinvented the Dronie

DJI just finished their Press Release of the all new DJI Spark. Before the official release today some Pictures of the Spark already got leaked. Now we know it for sure. The Spark is one of the tiniest Drones on the Market. They not only shrunk the whole thing down to a minimum, they made it incredibly smart.

The Spark is a Drone for the masses and people who are not to advanced with technology. This all is made possible by the Sensors of the Spark. The Drone is not only built to be launched and landed from your palm, it also can be controlled through your gestures. That means you don’t need an App anymore to fly your Drone or even a Controller. Sure you still can use both to navigate your Adventures but don’t have to anymore. In combination with the App you are able to perform preconfigured cinematic flight moves. With those presets your able to stitch together little movie sequences real quick. I guess we’ll have to see how they perform in real life.

DJI also introduce new Still Picture features. A long overdue Pano Mode becomes available and they introduce a feature that is able to recognise a persons an allies a depth of field effect. This seems to possible through der new 3D Sensors on the front.

With the Spark DJI now introduced a new range of colours so you can pick it accordingly to your dresscode. Casey Neistat got a yellow one from DJI so he took a fitting red Ferrari to take his new toy for a spin.

I also have great news for you guys I already ordered my Spark so if everything goes accordingly my Spark should arrive on June 15th. Expect an Unboxing and comprehensive Review. If you want me to include any Tests hit me up on the comments.

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