DJI Spark Fly More Combo Big Review and Unboxing

DJI Spark Fly More Combo Big Review and Unboxing

A lot of you have been waiting for the Fly More Combo of the DJI Spark. I got lucky and i received one of the first ones to arrive. I ordered mine while DJI was still running their Press Conference to make sure i get one of the first Drones.

Many People were comparing the DJI Spark with the DJI Mavic. But thats like comparing a Fiat with a Porsche. They both have their benefits for their designated buyers. The Spark is focusing on the people that are not to much into Tech and don’t want to tweak every Feature. The Mavic is aiming for the more advanced users that want to grab some serious footage while they are still packing light with the Mavic.

Since i already have a lot of experience with the DJI Mavic i can point out some key differences between the two and also tell you the best new things the Spark has to offer.

So what are you getting with the DJI Spark Fly More Combo:
1x DJI Spark (with 1st Battery)
1x 2nd Spark Intelligent Flight Batter
2x Quick Release Folding Propellers
1x Battery Charging Hub for up to 3 Batteries
1x Set of Propeller Guards (4 PCS)
1x Spark Remote Controller
1x USB Cable
1x Spark Shoulder Bag

So thats a ton of equipment you get with the Fly More Combo. But still i think DJI could have provided us with a 3rd Batterie as they did in the Fly More Combe of the DJI Mavic.

You can get your DJI Spark Fly More Combo here
Or you can get the Regular DJI Spark here

What i really like is the fact that you can use the new Spark Shoulder Bag with the Mavic to. This time they luckily proved us with instructions how to store all the Gear in the bag. But it will be very tight in there if you want to bring everything along.

The Spark doesn’t even necessarily need a Controller to be operated . You can either use your Palm or your Mobile Phone. You just need to connect it via WIFI. Both the DJI Spark and the Controller come with a built in WIFI Module. So depending on what Controls you want to use you just need to connect to the corresponding HotSpot.

If you decide to just fly around for the fun of it you also use the Controller without your Mobile Phone. With this you’ll also get access to the Sport Mode. With this one you’ll feel like you are on a Racetrack. The Spark actually can be really fast and agile.

Especially with those fast movements you’ll quickly notice that the Spark does not have a 3 Axis Gimbal. But for most of the users that’ll still more then good enough. Unexperienced Pilots shouldn’t fly in too much wind anyway.

Dji implemented some really nice new features with the Spark one of them are the Quickshot Modes. With those you are able to record some of the most cinematic looking Shots with the Spark. And the coolest thing about it you don’t even need any skill to do that. So you just have to mark yourself on the Display of your Smartphone and hit GO. The Spark takes care of the rest.

Now lets talk about the Camera of the Spark. DJI unfortunately didn’t supply us with 4K Recording nor can we take RAW Pictures with it. But the Image Quality is surprisingly good for its size and with the Quickshot Modes your Footage will look more professional. I explain the different Quickshot Settings in my Video.¬†Also we now can take Panoramic Pictures. Here we can choose from 3×3 or 1×3. Here are some examples:

Overall i think DJI supplied us with a bunch of great tech. Some features will need some patching but i’m confident that DJI will get rid of the Hiccups over time. I personally had a lot of fun with the Spark and i can’t wait to take it outside again.

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