How to use Fixed Wing Mode on Mavic Pro

How to use Fixed Wing Mode on Mavic Pro

DJI introduces new features to their Drones every now and then. This time they added the Fixed Wing Mode with one of the last Updates. This is one of the biggest new features yet. It gives you the ability to fly your Drone like an Airplane. Surprisingly this is a lot of fun but you should know how and where to use it. In this Video i’m about to do all this.

You can only use the Fixed Wing Mode if you first of all activate it in the Controller Menu. The Feature itself gets available when you pass the threshold of 10 km/h vertikal Movement Speed. If you then push the C1 Button, which is located at the bottom left side of the Controller you Engage the mode. From this point on the Mavic is constantly moving at the same pace. So never try this feature in narrow areas.

To cancel the Mavic’s movement you have to push the C2 Button. While you are engaged in the Fixed Wing Mode the Mavic behaves like a Plan. So if you want to go up the Camera tilts up like it would on an Airplane. The same applies for downwards and sideways movements. The look and feel is incredible and i’m sure it’s amazing to fly like this with the new DJI Goggles. I’d love to get my Hands on those.

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