PolarPro Cinema Series – Special Delivery

PolarPro Cinema Series – Special Delivery

Today i received a special delivery from PolarPro Filters. When it comes to picture quality i tend to go with the best i can. So when i got my DJI Mavic Pro it was a no brainer for me to get the ND and Pol Filters for the Mavic. In the beginning it was hard to find Filter Manufacturers for Drones. Right now we are at a point where the market is flooded with accessories. But as always in life if you buy cheap you buy twice! So when it got my first filters i went with PolarPro and never regretted it. It was important for me to have an always on, reliable and durable filter. These criteria weren’t met by most of the other vendors.

I’ve been using PolarPro Filters now for a few months and my Mavic never ever leaves the ground without them. Especially since i love to shoot over water surfaces where the Pol Filters come in handy. So if you intend to up your Drone Footage Game i’d recommend you to grab yourself some Filters. As soon as i’m able i’ll give you a deep comparison between the regular 3 Pack Filters and the Cinema Series 6 pack

Polar Pro 6 Pack Cinema Series

Polar Pro DJI Mavic Pro Filter 3 Pack

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