Quickshot Mode and Dynamic Home Point after DJI Mavic Pro Update

Quickshot Mode and Dynamic Home Point after DJI Mavic Pro Update

DJI introduced some new features for the DJI Mavic Pro with their last Firmware Update. When DJI released the Spark we all loved the newly implemented Quickshot features.  Especially users that want to take “fire and forget” Footage. At the same time all Mavic users were hoping that they receive the same features with the next Firmware Update. DJI unfortunately never commented on it. So when DJI released the 01.04. Update for the Mavic the surprise was pretty big when the change log stated:

  • Added QuickShot feature (requires DJI GO 4 app v4.1.10 or higher).
  • Added Dynamic Home Point for ActiveTrack mode (requires DJI GO 4 app v4.11.10 or higher)

So over night we received a big improvement on the DJI Mavic Pro and nobody was aware that something is coming.

Naturally i’m supplying you with a thorough Tutorial on the new Features and i’m showing you the core differences in the Quickshot feature between the Spark and the Mavic. So let’s begin with the Quickshots.

So with the Spark DJI released 4 different Modes. The Drone, Helix, Circle and Rocket. The Mavic strangely did not receive the Circle Mode. For me there is no obvious reason why they didn’t implement it on the Mavic too. Maybe we’ll receive it later.

The procedure to use those features is the same as you know it from the Spark. Draw a square around you until it recognises you as the trackable object, select your Mode and hit Go. But there is a key difference between the Mavic and the Spark. With the Mavic you are able to adjust the travel speed of your drone. This point makes a huge difference. When i was testing the Quickshot features of the Spark it was annoying how slow the Drone traveled along it’s pre programmed route. Also it took the Spark ages to get back to you. Fortunately they fixed this with the feature in the Mavic. You are able to adjust the Travel Speed to your liking. So the different Modes differ very much on how long they take to finish their route. The Helix is the longest one. It takes the Mavic about 45 seconds to finish it.

Be aware when you are using the Quickshot features, that you have more then enough space around you, cause you can not adjust how far or how high they should travel. Maybe this would a nice addition in the future.

Everybody who launched the Mavic from a moving object will know the problem with the Home Point. In the past the Mavic either chose it’s Take Off location or the position of your Controller as it’s Home Point. So if for whatever reason the Mavic decided to go back home it sometimes led to unfortunate events. Especially when you were on a boat or something.

With the newly implemented Automatic Home Point Feature the Mavic will set its current location as the new Home Point every couple meters. I’m entirely sure where the threshold lies but you can see in my video that it’s quite often. So this fore sure will save your Drone a few times.

DJI also did some tweaking with the Picture Profiles. So the Normale Picture Style got more vivid. But since i’m recording all my footage in D-Log i can’t tell you how it is affecting your actual footage at the moment.

Make sure to follow my content, cause in the next Episode i’m showing you how to achieve a sharp Image with your Mavic and I’ll show you how to get your focus right. So thanks for tuning in and see you next time.


It was brought to my attention, that you actually are able to adjust the Settings for the Quickshot Modes. Check out this article to learn how you can adjust them and what

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  1. John says:

    Thanks for sharing. My spark only lets me adjust the distance to 60 meters when shooting a dronie. I’ve seen screenshots where it can be set all the way to 120 meters? Any idea on what I might be missing?

    • AttiBear says:

      It’s been a while since I had my hands on the Spark. If I remember it correctly, with the Remote you had increased range. Also you should check the max allowed distance in your settings.

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