Rode external Mic Comparison

Rode external Mic Comparison

This external Mic Comparison is going to show you why you should consider using an external mic and how it can improve your production quality on YouTube.

Today we compare the internal mic of the Canon 5D Mark IV against the Rode VideoMic Pro Rycote and the Rode SmartLAV+. I encourage you to check out the Rode Mics yourself. After my first experience with them i decided to go with Rode on all my other Microphones.

These Videomics will improve your audio quality dramatically in my opinion. I think no Creator should stick to their Stock Microphones if they don’t have to. Since I already told you in my last Episode, Sound quality ist one of the most important things in a YouTube video. So create your content as good and professional as you can. Your Audience will thank you for it.

The biggest challenge if you are recording outside is the Wind. If you are a follower of my Content, you surely have seen how bad for example the GoPro Hero 5 performed in our vacation under windy conditions. Covering internal Microphones with a piece of fur is one option. The other is to apply a Dead Cat to your Mic. With the Rode VideoMic Pro you have the Option to use one of these Windshields. I show you how to apply the Dead Cat to the Mic. At first i got to admit i was confused how to set it up.

With my little Test Setup you even can see on the Sound Level that it’s actually able to dampen the intensity of the Wind Noise. Under real Life Conditions i think it’ll even work better.

I’m also doing an Unboxing of the SmartLAV+ Lavalier Microphone and show you how the different Mic Sound. Depending on what you are recording with those two Mics you should be good to go. At least for the beginning.

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