Why you should use TubeBuddy

Why you should use TubeBuddy

When i started my YouTube Channel i absolutely had no idea how much work driving a Channel ist. First i thought i just have to create content, tag it with a bunch of keywords and then i’m good to go. Well i guess since you are reading this you also noticed thats not how YouTube works. While i’m writing this i’m about 3 months into building my Channel. Back at the end of January i started from scratch with 0 Followers. By Today i managed to grow my Channel organically to 59 Followers an in the last 48 hours i hit 1.600 Views. None of this would have been possible without the guys from TubeBuddy and their awesome Crew.

First of all thank you everybody who is supporting me in my adventure. Building a YouTube channel takes dedication and is hard work. Nothing there comes easy especially in a competitive and extremely creative Community like YouTube. Is it still possible to become a big YouTuber? Maybe. Time will tell!

In the past few weeks there have been some changes in the YouTube Eco System. I’m talking about the Adpocalipse, Amazon changed it’s Affiliate compensations and YouTube is working on their Algorithm so it’ll be based on Machine Learning. Where will this take us? We will see.

To succeed in an environment like this you’ll need all the help you can get. And TubeBuddy should be your best friend right now. They are not simply a plugin that you install in your Browser that then takes your YouTube Analytics and displays in a different way. No Sir! TubeBuddy helps you to understand what is going on with your Channel. It helps you to keep track of one of the most important things. How your Content rates on YouTube.

As i mentioned at the beginning. Stuffing your Content with Keywords won’t help you at all. To be able to get your Content rated, you need to research. And thats not only looking up a certain topic and check how man views your competition has. You need to find a spot that isn’t to crowded and that people are looking for. TubeBuddy helps you to find exactly that spot.

TubeBuddy Search Rankings

To be able to compare search Volume and Competition (all the other awesome People that had the same idea) is priceless. With this method of finding keywords you are actually able to find that soft spot that helps you to rank in the search over time or right from the beginning.

But they can do way more for you. I encourage you to check out what they have to offer. You even can start with a free trial so you’ll know what you are in for. Sure their services come with a price, but if play your cards right soon it won’t matter anymore. 🙂

Klick me to see what they have to offer

And since i’m really passionate about YouTube i’m launching a Series of Episodes where i talk about you to grow a Channel from scratch. So you can be part of my Journey. This Saturday i’m releasing my first episode. I would love if join the ride. I’m always happy to help if you have questions or anything. so don’t hesitate and hit me up in the comments.

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