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Why you should switch from Wix to a hosted Wordpress site

Goodbye Wix Hello WordPress – Switching from Wix to WordPress

When I started my Online Business Project I decided to host my Website at The code of the site got buggy and horribly slow over time. No matter what I tried, the user experience was horrible and it couldn’t be improved. After a thorough research switching from WIX to WordPress got inevitable. With the…
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We are getting there

Wow this is quite a journey. I never thought i’d reach 300 Subs this quick. But it looks like I still have a lot work to do. Unfortunately i didn’t have to much time to create something new the last few weeks, but I’m getting back on track and my project queue is full. So expect…
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Youtube Counter – LaMetric Time Review

The LaMetric Time is a Smart Clock that can be used not only as a YouTube Counter but also as a Social Media Subscriber Tracker. This Gadget is one of the coolest things I’ve ever encountered. It is amazing how much can be achieved with just a clock. Keep track of all your Social Media…
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Amazon introduces OneLink Affiliate Program

Everyone who has a worldwide audience is facing the same issues with every affiliate program. The affiliate program either just works in a certain country or you have to create an account for every country you want to monetize your links in. For those cases you had to use services like where the user…
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200 Subs Check 800 more to go

Guys i can’t tell you how thankful i’m for everybody who is supporting me on my endeavor. I never would have guessed that i reach the 200 Subscribers mark only 13 days after I hit my first 100. So thank you everybody this gives me so much energy to create more awesome content. So stay…
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Having a YouTube Channel in a Different Language

Some of you may know that i’m not a native english speaker. Actually i speak German, Hungarian and English and i can switch between all of them fluently. A lot of people nowadays speak more than one language and that begs the question: Which Language should you use to build your YouTube empire. There are…
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First 100 Subs – Done!

 I did it! I started my Youtube Journey in the beginning of February and now i reached my first 100 Subscribers. I can’t even tell you how psyched i’m right now. Thank you to all my Followers out there and to everybody who is supporting me. There is so much a have planed and I’m producing so stay tuned…
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How to grow a small YouTube Channel

Today we talk about the 10 most important things you need to consider when you start a YouTube Channel or you are struggling with your views. Everybody has to start somewhere. But to get off the couch and start doing things is the hardest part. And what comes next? The hard work! I’m also new…
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Why you should use TubeBuddy

When i started my YouTube Channel i absolutely had no idea how much work driving a Channel ist. First i thought i just have to create content, tag it with a bunch of keywords and then i’m good to go. Well i guess since you are reading this you also noticed thats not how YouTube…
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