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floating iPhone XS with Sandmarc Wide Angle Lens

Turn your Phone into a DSLR – How to use a Wide Angle Lens on an iPhone

You love taking pictures with your phone, but the built in lenses don’t give you the creative flexibility you are craving? This tutorial is showing you how you can achieve the versatility of a DSLR with the help of interchangeable phone lenses. I’m showing you how to use the Sandmarc Wide Angle Lens on an…
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Polar Pro Quartzline Review – Start using ND Filters on your DSLR

ND Filters should be a crucial part of every Camera Bag. If you are shooting Video on a DSLR you’ll need ND Filters in order to achieve the 180 degree Rule. Only then will your Video footage look smooth as butter. Today we talk about why ND Filters belong into every Camera Bag and why…
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Mavic Air vs Mavic Pro Comparison – Which is the right one for you?

Were you thinking about getting the new DJI Mavic Air? But you are not sure whether it’s an upgrade to the Mavic Pro or Mavic Pro Platinum? This comparison between the Mavic Air vs the Mavic Pro Platinum will give you a complete overview on what you can expect from DJI’s new Drone. This review…
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Sailing & Flying a Drone around Corsica

Were you ever afraid to launch your Drone from a boat? I found a safe way to launch and land my Mavic and i created some beautiful shots while doing so. This Short Film was recorded while we were sailing in the Mediterranean Sea this Summer. In this beautiful scenery i finally had a chance…
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No More Soft Footage – DJI Mavic Pro Picture Settings

Getting a really sharp and crispy Image with your DJI Mavic Pro can be hard at times. Sometimes all seams good on your Display but when you get back home you have blurry areas or your entire Image isn’t focused right. In this Tutorial I’m about to show you how to avoid all of the…
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Capture Perfection

This piece of work is a compilation of some of the Footage i took a few weeks ago near the Zugspitze. Since this place is so incredible i had to share it with you. These shots feels so good because i followed all the rules of cinematography. The Drone shots were taken with my DJI…
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DSLR Slider – DIY IKEA Camera Slider

Ever wanted a Camera Slider but don’t wanted to spends lots of money on it? This Tutorial shows you, how to build a professional camera slider out of an IKEA Curtain Rail. This Slider is even strong enough to support a heavy full frame DSLR Camera and it’ll only cost you about 20€ to Build…
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Polar Pro 50/50 Box Content

PolarPro 50/50 best GoPro Hero 5&6 Dome?

Today i received another goody from my friends at Polar Pro. The PolarPro 50/50 is an accessory for the GoPro Hero 5. This Dome is one of Polar Pro’s newest products. It is an absolute lightweight and as always PolarPro only used high quality materials for this product. They also supply you with a neoprene sleeve…
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PolarPro Cinema Series – Special Delivery

Today i received a special delivery from PolarPro Filters. When it comes to picture quality i tend to go with the best i can. So when i got my DJI Mavic Pro it was a no brainer for me to get the ND and Pol Filters for the Mavic. In the beginning it was hard…
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Hugin 360 Panorama Tutorial – The Ultimate Guide

In this Tutorial i’ll show you the fastest and easiest way to create your own 360 Panoramas with the Help of Hugin, Adobe Photoshop and the Domemaster Photoshop Action pack. This Solution works on Mac OS and Windows. There is no better Tutorial then this right now. All the Tools we are about to use…
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