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DJI Spark Fly More Combo Big Review and Unboxing

A lot of you have been waiting for the Fly More Combo of the DJI Spark. I got lucky and i received one of the first ones to arrive. I ordered mine while DJI was still running their Press Conference to make sure i get one of the first Drones. Many People were comparing the…
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Hugin 360 Panorama Tutorial – The Ultimate Guide

In this Tutorial i’ll show you the fastest and easiest way to create your own 360 Panoramas with the Help of Hugin, Adobe Photoshop and the Domemaster Photoshop Action pack. This Solution works on Mac OS and Windows. There is no better Tutorial then this right now. All the Tools we are about to use…
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How to take a 360° Drone Picture – Hangar 360 Tutorial

In today’s Tutorial i show you how to take a 360 Photo with a DJI Drone for Facebook or for sharing through a link. I use an App called Hangar 360. This App in my Opinion is the easiest way to create a 360 Picture with a DJI Drone. For this showcase a use a…
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DJI Spark – DJI reinvented the Dronie

DJI just finished their Press Release of the all new DJI Spark. Before the official release today some Pictures of the Spark already got leaked. Now we know it for sure. The Spark is one of the tiniest Drones on the Market. They not only shrunk the whole thing down to a minimum, they made…
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How to use Fixed Wing Mode on Mavic Pro

DJI introduces new features to their Drones every now and then. This time they added the Fixed Wing Mode with one of the last Updates. This is one of the biggest new features yet. It gives you the ability to fly your Drone like an Airplane. Surprisingly this is a lot of fun but you…
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You have to start somewhere

Well i guess now it’s finally my time to get up and start something new. I always loved Gadgets and new Technology so why not combine both and share it with the rest of the world? My goal is to reach as many people as i can and share all the joy and fun you…
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