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Pimalai Resort and Spa view from the Mountain Pool

Thailand Luxury Hotel – Pimalai Resort & Spa

Today i take you around the premises of the Pimalai Resort & Spa Hotel. This Hotel is definitely one of the most beautiful hotels i’ve have ever been in. They not only have outstanding service, delicious food from different countries, they also built their Hotel on one of the most beautiful spots on Koh Lanta.…
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Hello Pimalai Resort & Spa

Today we have to say goodbye to the Idyllic Concept Resort on Koh Lipe and we take the Speedboat to get to Koh Lanta and visit the Pimalai Resort and Spa. To get to Koh Lipe was hard but leaving again isn’t easier. With the Speedboat, you need about four hours just to reach the…
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Best Viewpoints on Koh Lipe

Today I show you the best Viewpoints on Koh Lipe. There are a lot of awesome vantage points on Koh Lipe but those are the best in my humble Opinion. This is our last day on Koh Lipe so we had to enjoy every single moment and ray of sunshine. Since i had no time…
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Koh Lipe Beach and Snorkelling Review

Today i take you on a Grand Tour over Koh Lipe. First we start out at the Beach of our lovely Hotel, the Idyllic Concept Resort. Then i go snorkelling and show you the amazing wildlife in the Reef thats right in front of the Hotel. Afterwards you get a tour through one of the…
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Rainy Days on Ko Lipe

We weren’t lucky with the weather on Ko Lipe at the beginning. The first days it was raining so hard that we couldn’t do jack. We checked out some of the Walking Street and got ourselves a massage but that was pretty much it. The day after that the weather got better. But since it…
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